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Why Bedrock?

Filing Support


After you submit your last 2 years of taxes and income paperwork we are able to do the filing for you and work with you to get it done with ease. 

Quick Turn Around Time


Getting your filing done is fast after we have your information. 

Get the highest return possible.




Money in the Bank from Your Refund

If you can get a refund, missed a stimulus payment or need to find all the deductibles you can, we have your back. 


Tax Filing Made Easy

File your Personal or Business Preparation taxes virtually with Bedrock Business Builders.






Let me introduce myself!


I was born to be an entrepreneur! I wanted to learn about business and boy did I learn as my mother convinced me to be a licensed CPA. I’ve worked with thousands of small business owners over the past 35 years+ offering basic bookkeeping services to resolving complex tax problems and everything in-between. I’ve seen my share of needless business failures and decided to do something about it. My mission is to help entrepreneurs, like myself, start a business, stay in business and realize their dream of creating profits from passion and desire. I invite you to a free chat to discuss your possibilities.