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  • Reconcile 3 Bank Accounts

  • Reconcile 2 Credit Cards

  • Track payments from 5 pay servers

  • Yearly Profit and Loss Reports

  • Unique Secure Client Portal


  • Reconcile up to 7 Accounts

  • Reconcile 5 Credit Cards

  • Track payments from unlimited pay servers

  • Quarterly Profit and Loss Reports

  • Secure management of up to 5 escrow and brokerage accounts



  • Reconcile up to 10 Accounts

  • Unlimited Credit Card Reconciliation

  • Quarterly 1-1 Meeting with Accountant

  • Monthly Profit and Loss Reports

  • Secure management of up to 10 escrow and brokerage accounts

Other features if you purchase one of the package:

  • Access to a Money Networking Mastermind
  • Access to a Tech Learning Mastermind
  • Free Marketing on our Social Pages 
  • Separate Personal Accounts From Business
  • A Personal Account Liaison 
  • Tax Saving Suggestions 
  • Bedrock Community Support
  • Email and Chat Support

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The Fee relative to Completed Transaction shall be payable to you on or before the last
day of the following month. All Fees are payable in U.S. Dollars.

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