A company's goals are best achieved by helping workers or customers achieve their goals.


Who We Are

Bedrock Business Builders is a company that assists entrepreneurs in building a business by setting the foundation for success.


There are many things that an entrepreneur needs to consider before starting a business. Avoiding making common mistakes is one of them. The first mistake is to believe that you can do everything by yourself. Certainly, you do not need to reinvent the wheel; there are specialized people for the activities you need. Delegation is the key; let the experts run accounting, finance, web design, marketing or technology, so that you can focus on developing your idea.


The good news is you don't have to build your key processes by trial and error.

New York based Bedrock Business Builders has developed a simple but powerful approach to starting, building and running a successful business. Most small businesses fail in their first few years because they started out all wrong. 


Our years of experience working with thousands of small business owners have taught us what works and what doesn’t. Our team of experts will support you in achieving your goals. Starting with a comprehensive business evaluation, and following with ongoing support and mentoring services, we will work closely together with you in defining the right path for your business.


If you want to grow and protect the wealth in your business, look no further than Bedrock Business Builders.


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