A company's goals are best achieved by helping workers or customers achieve their goals.


Who We Are

Bedrock Business Builders is a company that assists entrepreneurs in building a business by setting the foundation for success.


There are many things that an entrepreneur needs to consider before starting a business. Avoiding making common mistakes is one of them. The first mistake is to believe that you can do everything by yourself. Certainly, you do not need to reinvent the wheel; there are specialized people for the activities you need. Delegation is the key; let the experts run accounting, finance, web design, marketing or technology, so that you can focus on developing your idea.


The good news is you don't have to build your key processes by trial and error.

New York based Bedrock Business Builders has developed a simple but powerful approach to starting, building and running a successful business. Most small businesses fail in their first few years because they started out all wrong. 


Our years of experience working with thousands of small business owners have taught us what works and what doesn’t. Our team of experts will support you in achieving your goals. Starting with a comprehensive business evaluation, and following with ongoing support and mentoring services, we will work closely together with you in defining the right path for your business.


If you want to grow and protect the wealth in your business, look no further than Bedrock Business Builders.


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We are International & OUR TEAM is like FAMILY.

CEO, Bedrock Business Builders

Joe DiChiara, CPA

Joe is a man on a mission and it is all about the numbers. He knows that to have a firm foundation we have to be clear about our books, accounting, tax brackets and corporate structure. He is here to make accounting fun and help your business grow with ease. Money flows like a river because he helps us understand it better. He is also a dad, loving grandfather and amazing teacher. His experience with the IRS, tax court advocacy and inner city connections makes his knowledge real, practical and no nonsense. We all need systems and he is here to help us with accounting and business structures. 

Collaborative Executive Officer

Elizabeth Frederick 

Elizabeth ensures all members take ownership of the group's work, engaging and supporting decisions of the company. Having the skills of communicating clearly, actively listening, and taking responsibility for mistakes, Elizabeth is the perfect example of a Collaborative Executive Officer as she respects the diversity of her colleagues.



Relationship Specialist

Susan Sheppard

Susan makes wonders in formulating and developing the right procedures to keep us all working efficiently. She will make sure that we deliver the right messages to our clients in a way that we make their lives easier than ever. Susan is amazing at what she does to keep our Bedrock family ahead of the game. She is a loving mom and an excellent book author too!

Social Media Guru 

Video Editing and Graphic Design

Janine Ilagan

Janine turns us all into super heroes, is a design and graphic genius and always makes our clients look amazing on all things social. She drives engagement, makes viral images and is always learning more about website development. She is also an amazing mom, shop owner and devoted wife. 

Software Developer & User Experience

Lynda LaCour

Lynda is amazing with proprietary client management software development. She makes ideas come to life on the computer. Her systems make it so we never lose track of our clients. We presented her with an impossible task and she never fails to exceed expectations with her creations. She is the developer of Bedrock's Management Software! She is also a mom with a lot of heart, and a devoted daughter to her fun loving mother.

VP-Operations Accounts Manager

Luz Ventura

Luz will help you onboard with Bedrock like a flash. She helps to keep accounts organized, assigns accountants to clients and makes sure the river never runs dry.  She is also a mom, a loving wife and someone who takes pride in having things organized. 



Executive Virtual Assistant

Coreen Magtoto

Coreen is the queen of accountability and human resources. She bridges the gap between our inhouse international team, clients and outreach. Her management skills keep us all held accountable and her love for getting to know everyone is a gift.



Account Security & Bookkeeping Guru

Thecia Secopito

Thecia will always ask questions and make sure that we have everything in order. She is meticulous, curious and an account gatekeeper. She can make our software walk and talk while keeping everything secure. She is also an eagle eye on accounts and helps clients regularly. If she is chatting you up, it is important to pay attention to her directions.  

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